Blogosphere Questions & Answers from the Netherworld May 2010 Part 3

Blogosphere Questions & Answers from the Netherworld May 2010 Part 3

People are searching. Searching for what?  Don’t always know, but here, again, are some of the web searches that bring folks to this blog.  This is part three of five. Have fun, feel the force flowing, and  keep the questions coming.

Nice hatchery Kelt. Nice fins.  Not all stubbed-off like we see in many hatchery steelhead and catchable trout.

Q:  Hatchery trout worn pectoral fins

A:  Yes hatchery trout do normally have worn pectoral fins.  This is not to say that it is impossible to raise a hatchery fish with very nice fins.  It is possible, but not common.   Trout that are raised in hatcheries with the intent of planting” or “stocking” them in rivers, lakes, and reservoirs for people to catch more commonly have fins, including their pectoral fins, that are eroded, worn, or stubbed off as compared to the natural shape of the fin.  Wh?  Most likely, it is caused by erosion, rubbing against pond walls, and/or the constant nipping by other trout in the pond.  Adult steelhead raised at many hatcheries across our region (CA, OR, WA, and ID) often still show clear evidence of their rearing origin by the severe stubbing or distortion of their fins.  Some hatcheries produce steelhead with practically no dorsal fins.  I find this disappointing and wish that the means could be found to raise hatchery steelhead that look like fish are supposed to look.  Just a personal thought.  I would still want the fish marked by removal of an adipose fin so that anglers could know a hatchery fish from a naturally produced fish, but as to the rest of the fins, i would prefer that they look sleek and whole.

Q:  Head lice life cycle pictures

A:  Sorry, I have photos of sea lice, not head (shudder) lice.  Get thyself back on the Internet.

Q:  Hippie fishing

A:  Well, yes.  I do have long hair.  Yes, I went to college in the mid-late 1960s when practically everyone was smoking, but only a few, reportedly, actually inhaled.  Ha ha.  They were too drunk to make the distinction, if I remember correctly.  My hair at that time was short.  Navy ROTC.  No dope.  None.  I might have been a dope but I didn’t –whatever, people make up their own stories about other people, and I have seen people try to re-make their own history.  I did wear bell-bottom jeans and listen to Jimi Hendrix and Cream.  Saw Neil Young and Jefferson Airplane at OSU.  So maybe I was a short-haired-Midshipman hippie.  Went on to be gunnery and nuclear weapons security officer on THE USS NEW DD 818.  Could have been a closet hippie even then.  Listened to 8-track Yes, Credence Clearwater Revival, and Jethro Tull tapes at sea.  Oh my.  And I dreamed about getting back from the East Coast to go fishing again.  Took a correspondence course in fisheries biology from some mail order college.  Funny.  John Kitzhaber tells me to keep my long hair and continue wearing blue jeans to fancy dinners, so I think I will stay the course.  Unless I return to a USMC style crew-cut, which Lisa does not like, or a mullet (yep, had a mullet once), which Lisa swears, she will not tolerate.  Am I a hippie?  Nah.

Q:  How do the male and female salmon look

A:  Often, male and female salmon steadfastly refuse to look at our flies.  If they do look at our flies, they usually look at our best offerings with considerable skepticism and outright disdain.  Sometimes they look briefly at our flies and then wander off, feigning indifference.  Occasionally, rarely, they look upon our flies with great interest or curiosity, or whatever, just prior to engulfing said fly.

Q:  How to make caddis fly

A:  The most effective way to stimulate a caddis to fly is to wave one’s hands near said caddis, which is usually sufficient to cause the little beastie to take to wing.

Q:  How to write a journal entry in French

A:  I do write A Salmon Fisher’s Journal.  Some of the expletives I resort to in time of crisis might have French derivation.  I do not, however, insert such expletives into my blog, thusly keeping the content family friendly.  Ya all can translate if you wish.  Otherwise, I can not answer this query.

Q:  Intruder fly

A:  This is any fly that makes its way into your shopping cart without your direct approval and invitation.  Several disreputable online Fly Fishing Businesses have developed software that will secretly add 37 dozen of whatever fly is leftover in their inventory from years gone by to your shopping cart, in the eye-blink between when you look at your shopping cart contents and when your mouse hovers over the “complete checkout” button.  The same effect can be achieved with in-store customers by tossing the moth eaten flies under the pile of goodies a fly fisher has stacked on the counter, right under the hammock and the pontoon boat.  Flies that have often been “Intruders” in such manner include Non-bead-head Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ears; size #6 Elk Hair Caddis; and any traditional steelhead flies tied with chenille (shudder).

Q: Shrimp oil for spring Chinook flies

A: I plead innocent on this one.


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