Are Salmon Fishers Obsessed with Fly Lines?

Are Salmon Fishers Obsessed over Fly Lines?



We are obsessed with all things related to fly fishing and especially all things having any relation to salmon fly fishing.  Fly lines are a perfect object of our obsession.

Here, for example, are a few of my various fly lines, freshly dyed.  Not that they weren’t perfectly functional straight from the package.  No – they were  just fine.  Caught fish on all of ‘em, too.

But what if – what if a different color might be less noticeable to cruising  salmon?  What if?

So here we go. Not my first dye job.  Many times over – done this – and will again.

Secret formulas and dye times.

Know what? It makes it nearly impossible to know which line I am fishing, so it adds to the fun too.

Don’t care if I’m a loon.

Just am.

A salmon loon.


PS:  no, we will not be discussing sink rates.  Not today anyway.  Ha ha.

One thought on “Are Salmon Fishers Obsessed with Fly Lines?

  1. we need to get under the water to answer some important questions. my guess is dark colors are more visible to fish, and that bright white would be the least visible, but that’s all b.s. until we get down and observe.

    love the blog, jay! you are not crazy. it’s everybody else. they’re all completely nuts. you are just fine.

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