Sandy Spey Clave, 2010

Sandy Spey Clave, 2010.

Mark Bachmann knows how to put on a “classy” event.  Big names.  Tackle galore.  Rods and lines to match and cast.  Reels to heft.  Stickers to collect.  Waders, boots, and coats and bags to fiddle with.  Great instructors.  Good food.  New friends to meet, old friends to catch up with again.  Nuthin’ but fun.

Mark mused that people just might look back on this era as one of the best-of-times for fly fishing.  We have a huge variety of high quality tackle available to us at a price that makes it all accessible to the everyday angler.  Our rivers are healing.  We have fish in our rivers, most of them anyway, and we still have considerable access to quality public waters.  Mark spoke with optimism, respect for our craft, appreciation for the clan of anglers, and hope for the future.  He noted that every day on the river brings new challenges and opportunity to learn.  Indeed.

Mark concluded the Tenth Sandy Spey Clave, thanking us for coming – “love all of ‘ya.”  Thanks Mark, Patty, Josh, Marcy, and probably fifty people who pulled this event together.


PS:  Jackson, thanks for hanging out with me for three days.  Lego Store.  Iron Man 2 with your big brother David.  Robin Hood late Sunday evening.  Pizza.  Cookies.  Chips.  Pop.  Up late.  Up early for coffee.  Stone art.  Lots of fishing blah blah blah.  I love you.


Got Ross?


Jackson explains the fine points of rock art to a friend.

How’d that?

Taught him everything he knows.

Plotting to overthrow the gumment, most likely.

Jackson:  no more stickers, please.

Can it be wrong to love a fly rod?

Just a tad over my skill level.  Just a tad.

Gun-slingers.  Quick draw artists.  Critical mass.  Nuclear zowiness.

Trusted assistant and booth-organizer-young-son.


Show me again, mama.

Then there were only two on the beach.

9 thoughts on “Sandy Spey Clave, 2010

  1. Hey….. Really neat pictures and I could tell by all the blue houses that there was a good turn out. Now that you’ve seen some “good stuff” and had some barbeque are you coming back to the blog and do some tying? Sure am tired of looking at duck ass feathers thats for sure. Expect to get back out on the beaches next week to see how the sea runs are doin’. Right now, I have a tractor to fix. Life is hard.

  2. I promise to head to the Caddis Fly to shoot some steelhead and salmon ketchin’ flies shortly. I also promise no duck-butt feathers in these flies. Although, a friend recently caught two hatchery winter steelhead with duck feathers in their guts. Maybe we are missing the grab by not using more duck butt dressings on our steelhead flies. Dunno.

    Advance warning: the flies I plan on tying will be simple but effective. Nuthin’ fancy. Just the essentials, Sir and Madame.

  3. Dunno, but I saw a little white duck in a little sailor suite in a local shop complaining about how he was float tubing and those hatchery fish will hit at anything.

    No Madames here. Unless you count my horse and they start to look at you weird for that.

    Thanks for the upcoming debut….. Ever thought of taking some of the classics and tying them with todays materials to kick them up a notch to see what you would get? They would still look essentially the same but with more flash and depth.

  4. Salutations, Sir ~

    Nice to meet you at the Clave yesterday and chat about tying steelhead flies with hairwings… Hope I should not be suffering a severe case of foot-in-mouth syndrome, though it wouldn’t be the first time. I dig your mini-Boss pattern, I tie something very similar on #6 TMC 2457s that has accounted for many fine anadromous fishes, included my largest steelhead, a wild 39″ B-run. No bending, no twisting (the hook, I mean).

    Your blog is a genuine treat, truly a font of information, inspiration and river magic!

    1. Peter, thank you for saying hi and coaching me. First, I need the mentoring. The technique you described is one I know but rarely practice. My bad. I learn every time I listen to another fly tyer. Second, glad you enjoy the crazy side of fishing and wild fish and hatchery fish, and fish management, and obsession to detail, and art, and road trips, and —


      1. Jay Man – if you’re feeling up to it, you are welcome in the bachelor lair anytime for some tying – I’m sure we have many creative impulses we could share and mutually come out ahead as tyers. I’m in Hollywood and there’s always beer in the fridge. Though I warn you in advance – my fly-tying desk is a disaster area. Tying flies every day has resulted in a bit of a jumble. A place for everything, and everything all over the place…

  5. I thought that might had been you Jay. I was running around with my daughter and should have said hello. Glad you had a great time.

    1. Mike. Yeah, i was having a lot of fun and Jackson did too. Wish we had a chance to meet but surely we will. More adventures to come. More fish to chase, more life force balance to achieve. Give a call sometime if you think you will be anywhere close, meantime, carry on for wild fish and rivers!


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