No Tresspassing on Sacred Fly Waters.

Name this fly – claim this fly.


Fess up, you sneaky dog, you.

There I was, enjoying one of my HomeWaters, on a peaceful day, a storm sweeping in from the coast, a steady drizzle progressing to a downpour, when I saw it.  Ominous.  Foreboding. Terribly frightening.

A sign. Wedged securely between two cobbles on a gravel bar.  Clear evidence of trespassing on my beat, my water, my secret holy of holiness.  Someone, some interloper had been sweeping an unauthorized fly through my water.  Without my personal official permission.

Unacceptable. Outrageous.  What is this world coming to, I wondered.

I retrieved the nasty looking critter after obtaining photographic evidence.  The photographs have been sent to the OSP and will be forensically prognosticated to determine if any link to the tyer can be scientifically established.

I doubt it. Scoundrels who routinely sneak around in someone else’s territory are usually adept in covering their tracks, so to speak.

So I am going world-wide, into the mist of the blogosphere, in an attempt to identify the scoundrel and bring him or her to justice.  It will be best if the tyer/fisher of this dastardly fly steps forward and admits his or her wrongness to have been where they were, fishing, without my knowledge or permission.

Things will go a lot easier on you if you step forward voluntarily.  The court of Steelhead Justice will be merciful if you admit your basic wrongness and ask forgiveness.  On the other hand, I am also reaching out to the international society of fly origin recognition to assist in the electonic derminative identificationalization of the person or persons who secured materials to a fish hooking instrument in this fashion.

All fly tyers have recognizable styles.  Everyone knows this.  And no matter how precautionary this nefarious fly fisher might be, there will be no escaping the consequences when his or her fly is identified.

Step forward, face the music, and respectfully ask for forgiveness, and promise not to do such a thing ever, ever again.

Seriously, dude, you are so busted.


PS: These mysterious animal tracks may or may not be a clue.  Ideas anyone?

2 thoughts on “No Tresspassing on Sacred Fly Waters.

  1. Relax. Remember what Bob M. said “Don’t Worry, be happy”.

    What you found is a common Ice Blue Flashabou Interloper (IBFI) …harmless cousin of the more dangerous Intruder. IBFI’s , like the wildfish they are intended for, occasionally stray and ascend new waters. No doubt part of some grand plan to spread diversity , re-stock fly boxes, and create demand for fly tying materials.

    Is that a GPS tracking unit on your boat ?

    1. Guy, I may have a tip on the culprit. No sure yet, but I am digging and following a hot trail. Will keep ya posted. JN

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