Spring Chinook . . .

Just a little art to inspire and set my friends on a good path as this week begins.  A very few wild winter steelhead are still slipping into coastal rivers, and so are the very first spring Chinook.  i have heard rumor of 50 pounders on the Umpqua.

‘Nuff said; have a great week.


5 thoughts on “Spring Chinook . . .

  1. I’m on the path, the journey is long…………I hope a springer eats your fly…………. and then mine.

    1. Thanks Eric — but after you, especially on your homewaters. We should talk and explore possibilities. These big guys will eat flies. Just not as easily as we wish. I can not imagine a 50 Lb. Springer on a fly. OMG!

      Best – JN

      1. Yes definitely, Honestly, I’ve only caught a Hen Springer ( 10LB Hatchery in fly water: Famous Pool: on size 6 Pink Dean River Lantern) while Steelhead fishing. I’m not discouraged , and every spring brings new Hope, understanding of the river, pools,fly’s, depth and new info from “old timers”. It wouldn’t be any fun if it was easy! I can’t wait to watch them roll and flop! Good Luck this weekend. 541-430-8924 Eric

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