Fly o’ the Day… Intruder-lectable



Waddington Shank:  35mm

Rio Knottable Wire Bite Tippet, 20# + #2 Gamakatsu Octopus hook

Butt:  Jay’s Zowie Dub (Ultimate Egg)

Body:  Royal Blue Diamond Braid body

Eumer Finn Raccoon Zonker Fur, black + Grizzly Krystal Flash (Copper/Blue) + Hareline Pseudo Eyes (7/32); all spun together in dubbing loop with aid of Petitjean Magnum Magic Tool

This is one of my Last Shadow Series of Intruder flies.  More will follow.  I spent some time with Chris Daughters at the Caddis Fly recently.

We shot two hours of fly tying videos.  Chris took a pile of photos of some of my fun flies and I will be posting them regularly for a while.  Maybe one per day, maybe more.  All fishy.  All are pretty easy to tie.  I’ll provide a materials list and a few notes with each, although many only require the notation – add water and set the hook.

Sort of.

If it was that easy, it wouldn’t be any fun at all, would it?


3 thoughts on “Fly o’ the Day… Intruder-lectable

    1. This was just a simple wing tie-in. Cut hair from Zonker strip. Remove some underfur. Tie in like standard wing. Make sense? Thanks for inquiry.

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