New Convention for Fly Line Weights: Bunny Grams

Fly Fishing Glossary:  Bunny Gram (not Graham)

Formerly, the weight of fly lines, including Spey Heads and tips, was measured in grains (gr).  This was convenient and scientific at the time.  The convention allowed fly fishers to say crud like, “dude, I was like chucking out a 480 gr Skagit Compact head with twelve feet of T-14 and a super-thingy fly.”

The accepted line classification convention allowed anyone to know that their sink tip weighed about 168 gr, because T-14 weighs-in at roughly 14 gr per foot and 14 x 12 is, duh, 168 gr.

Well folks, this is waaaaay too lofty for my tastes.

Soooooo, I have developed a new fly-line comparison methodology, one that I intend to apply as an early adopter of beneficial and creative new technologies and thought processes.

Simply, I will now refer to Spey fly lines, shooting heads, and Spey tips in terms of Bunny Grams.  Bunny Graham Crackers are one of the few dessert delights that I am officially approved to consume.  Zero cholesterol, just a little fat, some chocolate zing and sweet enough.  They go good with morning coffee, beans and rice for lunch, and beans and rice for dinner.

It occurred to me that these little babies were more useful than simple snacks though.  And when Lisa pointed out that I had not correctly spelled “graham” in my recent fishing trip report, it came to me in a flash.  That was not a mistake.  It was intuitive transmigration across frontal lobes (scary territory) to expand my conceptualization of the marvels of the Bunny.

See?  These little crackers should not just be eaten; they should be used to communicate the weight (gram – get it?) of fly lines and tips.  For ease in communication, I will abbreviate Bunny Gram as Bg.

Now, instead of saying that I fished a 168 gr tip, I’ll report that I fished a 10 Bg tip.    Here’s the math.  Twelve feet of T-14 weighs 168 gr.  The same 12’ of T-14 weighs 10 Bunny Grams, so the 12’ tip is really  a 10 Bg tip.

Delving deeper, because I know you want to, one foot of T-14 is represented by 0.83 Bg.  And 1 Bg weighs 16.8 gr.

This is all really straightforward, like most of the stuff we fly fishers jabber about incessantly.  Failure to grasp the ingenuity of this new convention for comparing fly lines suggests a need to take up gear fishing.

Ahhhhhh, the game just got a little clearer.


4 thoughts on “New Convention for Fly Line Weights: Bunny Grams

  1. Jay, that’s a great idea. Being a baker myself, I’d weigh my own heads and lines in ccs. As in to get down in that deep outside bend/shallower inside bend bucket, I had to use a 3 chocolate cheesecake (slices) head. Granted we can take this weighing system farther, from your summer dry fly head (anorexic) to wielding a deadly weapon heft (4 Bill Schwartzky superstars size pork products, which is about the equivalent of 2.5 Ditkas).

    1. Cameron, you totally reassure me that there are reasonable, thoughtful, logical, and intelligent fly fishers out there. Go with your gut, man.

  2. As luck would have it one of T-14 ‘s often overlooked merits is its use as an emergency physical restraint on the river. As in “dude wrap his hands and feet with this T-14 until the bunnies wear off! ”

    Communicating via graham equivalents …
    Jay just how many of these “little bunnies” have you had?

    Gotta admit , it would be cool to say I landed a 25,000 Bg buck last monday !

    1. Guy: like dude, I do NOT have a PROBLEM with these cute little chocolate bunnies. OK? Pass the box, please. What? We’re out? Of bunnies? Got to run to the store pronto. Hold my place in the riffle until I get back.

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