Winter Steelhead Trip Report January 24, 2010 …

Flies were swung in the rain.

Good flies.

Well tied.

Big-ass flies.

The advanced finesse of the three-finger Spey cast (also known as the “look ma, no hands!” was demonstrated in inclement weather.

A hundred-yard-wide river managed to rise up and high-center a driftboat, necessitating debarkation of said boat by Skipper.

Fish leapt mightily out of the water.

Grabs were had.

Laughs were laughed.

12′ 7″ Spey rod was modified streamside to 12′ 1″.

Biscuits and Gravy were consumed by non-cardiac patient fly fisher.

Driftboat trailer wheels hopped two feet into the air over railroad crossings, catapulting boat contents frisbee-like across the highway.

Now idle Wigwam Burners were seen, rare icons of Oregon logging history.

Home by 6:30.

Stargate was viewed with popcorn, chocolate bunny grams were consumed, and gear dried for the next trip.

A great day of friendship and exploration.  Plans made for future trips.  Thanks given for all our gifts.


2 thoughts on “Winter Steelhead Trip Report January 24, 2010 …

    1. Lights? Yes. Brakes? Didn’t seem like it.

      By the way, I found the most beautious pink Intruder imaginable in my truck after this trip. Must swing it in front of a monstrous buck steelhead at earliest date possible. And besides, brakes are only useful on the way home from fishing, not while one is en route to fish, right?


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