Blog Topics Preview ….

In the next few weeks, give or take a few, expect to see thoughtful writing on salmon science, fish management policy, thrilling fishing  articles, art, opinion, and wild speculation on the following topics, among others…

Winter steelhead flies.  Big flies are the latest rage, but as Ed Ward (aka Skagit Master) notes, big flies are not always the key to eliciting a gulp from winter (or summer) steelhead.  I will show some of my favorites for winter fishing that range from the 6″ monsters to the 1/2″ teeny-tinies. If I get help, I’ll do some short video clips on tying methods too.

What do steelhead eat?

Not much, usually.  Unless they do. Some get into a feeding frenzy.  Some will only eat Barbie Doll heads.  Go figure.  I will write about the crazy stuff I have found in steelhead stomachs and ask my friends to share their list also.  I have only one photo  so would really appreciate help on this one.  A friend just recently shared this photo – a headless juvenile chinook in the gut of what I think was a hatchery steelhead.

Other topics:

Hook scars on chinook salmon

Scuffed-up cheeks (opercles) of steelhead in the Willamette system.

Salmon Fisher’s Journal

Wild Fish advocacy in 2010

Product reviews (fly tying gizmos, rods, reels, lines and such)

McKenzie River wild trout

Kelts and chromers

Seal marks on steelhead (Golden arches)

….and  more….

Thanks for joining my blog in 2010 – this will be a fantastic year.

Your thoughts and suggestions about topics you would like to see discussed are welcome.


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