Of Salmon and God …

Original artwork Copyright Jay Nicholas, 2009

Christmas Eve, 2009.

Religion means many things to many people.

I’ve never been much for organized religion, organized ways of thinking, or regimented behavior.

I  beliveve in the existence of things that are essentially good and right, and understand that some things in this life we know are are essentially evil and wrong.

Salmon, I think, represent goodness and rightness.  Ecosystems – rivers – that support wild salmon represent goodness and rightness.

I am grateful to be here on this earth, in my home with my family, now.

My wish today is that this planet experience greater harmony and rightness this day and all the days to follow.


One thought on “Of Salmon and God …

  1. Well said Jay, my sentiments exactly. I love your art work, I’d love to have those hanging on my wall. My wish to you and your family for all the joys of the season.
    Tight lines,

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