Wild Salmon Management Options

Some hot wild salmon management issues will be on the table In Oregon during 2009.  I have already mentioned management of Oregon coastal winter steelhead, with special reference to the North Umpqua…


Another important Oregon fish issue involves the possibility of curtailing the extent of hatchery trout stocking on the McKenzie River…..


As a scientist, I see certain management options that make more sense for wild fish than others.  As a fly fisher, I see certain management options that please me  more than others.  If I step aside and pretend to be an average member of the public, I wonder what the heck all the silly fishermen are arguing about.

Personally, I hope that wild native salmon will be better protected, managed, nurtured, and appreciated  in the future than they ever have been.

Please, if you care, get educated, get involved, and help shape the future of this world we all hope will continue to support wild fish and fishing.


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