Steelhead Flies: Jay’s Simplicity Series

Back in the 80s, I tied some steelhead flies for friends.  The flies were pretty simple compared to the standard flies they were in the habit of fishing.  I called them Simply Purple and Simply Olive.  They held them in the palm of a hand and said they would give them a try.

Well, the guys were soon back for more.

Twenty years later, I’ve shifted gears a little.  Just a little.  The steelhead flies I am tying now are structurally simpler but have a little extra zing to their aura.  No tail.  Usually a single body color.  Just a hint of Mirage Flashabou for a wing.  A traditional collar hackle. I do create custom colors by blending a wild mix of dubbing (supplied by Hareline Dubbin in Monroe, Oregon) to create extra sparkle in a color hue that you just can’t find on the shelf.

These flies catch summer steelhead.  Know what?  They catch winter steelhead too.  I refer collectively to these flies as Jay’s Simplicity Series.

Expect to see some of these featured in subsequent posts.


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