Rivers of A Lost Coast…..

I viewed an advance copy of this film.. I watched it again and again and ….  I cried.  I was fascinated.  I learned.  I wanted more and more.  I shared my enthusiasm with friends who get it and friends who just shook their heads.

Fantastic.  A must-see for any passionate fly fisher, especially every fly fisher.  Especially every fly fisher who really loves salmon, steelhead, and wild rivers.

This is also a must-see for spouses, girlfriends, children, and anyone who doesn’t understand the psyche of passionate fly fishers.

I wrote a short story, Salmon People, that is included in a 41 page book included with the DVD.

I read in part……….

We sneak off to our favorite places long before daylight.

Our minds are littered with favorite anchor points, high water holes, great fish released and fish we couldn’t tempt.  We share these memories with Salmon People who understand.  We grieve for friends who are unable to fish, taken by age – death.

Here is the link to the home page…


The DVD may be purchased from my friends at the Caddis Fly in Eugene or at the virtual storefront…



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