Burkheimer Fly Rod Research Continues

“What kind of fly rod is that?” the guide asked as he rowed past.  “It’s a prototype Burkheimer,” I replied.  “Darn,” he said as he drifted out of hearing range.  “I was hoping you would say you built it when you were fifteen.”

He’d probably wondered about the masking tape holding the guides and butt on the rod.

This was roughly day-six fishing this test rod.  The feedback was accumulating.  A variety of lines fished.  Standard AirFlo shooting heads.  A nine-weight Sixth Sense Mini Clear Tip.  AirFlo 40+full floaters.  This rod started out as a Spey Rod but was modified to throw a lighter line than would customarily be used with Spey Casting.

I wanted a rod that could throw a wide range of salmon and steelhead fly lines fishing both tidewater and upriver.  I wanted to be able to cast full sinking shooting heads and standard steelhead fly lines.

Six days, seven different fly lines, four very different casting locations and conditions, many grabs, and three fish to hand – all released.

I’m happy with this test rod.  More consultation, no doubt, is needed to make sure.  I probably need to do a little fine tuning.  Maybe catch a fifty-pounder to see how it handles that mass.  Maybe not.


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