Dear Simms: I am writing to ……

…. respectfully offer suggestions regarding two new products you should consider adding to your Simms Gear inventory at the nearest possible date.

The first product is a waterproof food conveyance bag.  Let’s call these WFCBs.  To the untrained eye, these look like a simple plastic supermarket shopping bag, the kind you would get at Ray’s Food Palace in Port Orford.  No so.  These are elegant devices designed to allow anglers to transport their day’s food and miscellaneous tackle items down the beach to the mouth of the Elk.

I have seen hundreds of these WFCBs in use by anglers fishing the Elk.  Thousands must be deployed over the course of the season.  Two out of three guys packs one of these little beauties around.  Seriously, this must be one of the best kept secrets in the Pacific Northwest, and  a ripe opportunity for Simms too quench an endless thirst for high quality angler support gear.

It would be necessary, of course, to add the Simms Logo and beef-up the tensile strength of the carrying handle.  A firmer bottom would help also, so the bag wold not slump when set on the ground.  A bonus would be  a GPS unit so the angler could stake a claim in exactly the same place where they set their bag the previous day.  Now that would be nice.

The second product for your consideration is a Hide-a-fish Back Pack.  The need for such a product smacked me between the eyes a few weeks ago but it took awhile for the product design to dawn on me.

The genesis of this idea occurred one evening, near twilight, as I was hiking up the beach to my rig near Cape Blanco.  As I walked with a fellow salmon fisher, I asked if he had caught anything that day.  ” Nah.” he replied.  “Not even a bite.”

Well, this was a perplexing response, because I could clearly see the tail of a salmon protruding from his back pack.  Hummmmm.

Eventually, I realized that this would make another niche product that could help keep Simms at the top in terms of innovation and courageous marketing.  Heck, if you have the guts to engineer the Elmer Fudd hat, this is a got-to-have.

Think of it.  This Hide-a-Fish back-pack will be on every sneaky salmon and steelhead fisher’s list at Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and such.  This product will provide cover for all those anglers who have stashed a fish in the bushes and feigns, “nope, never had even a bite today.”

Naturally, you would want to manufacture these packs to hide various sizes of salmon and steelhead.  You might consider a Ten-Pounder, Twenty-Pounder,  Forty-Pounder, and for sneaky Alaska anglers, a Seventy-Pounder.  Just  a thought.

I know you have first-class guides and advisors in the field.  Somehow, with all that talent, these two ideas have been overlooked, perhaps because they are such obvious needs in the industry.

I look forward to hearing from your Product Innovation Department soon, and thank you for considering my suggestions.

Best Regards,

Jay Nicholas

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