Rajeff Sports

Rajeff Sports.  You know, Tim Rajeff, Jamie Hixon, Jarrod Black, and the rest of their team.  Echo Fly Rods.  AirFlo fly lines.  Poly Leaders.  Ridged running lines.  Miracle Braid.  Good people, Good price points.  Unwavering service.  Real-time responsiveness. Innovation.  Close to home.

I formerly knew these guys as faceless voices at the other end of the ethereal Phone line.  Guess that’s dating myself.  No phone lines these days.  It’s  phone magic, words shot through the air. Technology.  Whatever.

Unlike sales reps and professional fishing guides,  I’m probably a C+ caster, but dang I’m dedicated to fly fishing.  Passionate.  And because I’m not world-class, my experience with fly rods and fly lines and such gear might be especially useful to other folks in the less-than-superstar category.  We care about our skills and are constantly striving to improve our practice of fly fishing as an art.

Meanwhile, think AirFlo Skkagit Compact for fishing heavy tips and intruders.  Think Scandi Compacts for light tips, Intermediate tips, and traditional steelhead flies.  Think about my  first skated Muddler summer steelhead.  And think about the Sixth sense Mini-Clear tip for all you one-hand summer-steelheaders.


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