Welcome to my Salmon World….

Welcome to my  world.

My crazy Salmon World.


Crazy in a  world of technology.  Crazy in a  world where people seem determined to make mountains out of molehills.  Crazy in a world where people need to schedule their appointments in fifteen-minute increments.  Crazy in a world where courtesy and mutual respect are all too often set aside. Crazy in a world where we watch our speedometer closely, pushing two or three miles-per-hour over the limit, making sure  we can get to our next appointment on time.

In my Salmon World, schedules are set by the season, by the river’s raise and fall, sunrise and sunset, and the progression of life, death, and rebirth.  In my Salmon World, the only schedule that matters is being on the water all day, for as many days as possible.  In my Salmon World, I don’t worry about anything.  I simply seek the salmon.  Sometimes, I find them.  Often, I do not.  It is enough to know that they are there, close by, and that tomorrow, perhaps, I will find them.

There will be other days dedicated to worry and the demands of modern life.  There will be  time to debate science,  examine policy, and champion conservation issues.  There may even be time to debate the merits of hatchery fish fish,  ponder the ethics of killing wild fish, and wonder whether catch-and-release is OK with the fish – or not.

Surely though, there will never be enough time on the water during Salmon Season.

My son David set this website up for me on my 60th birthday.  More than half a year elapsed before I realized what I was supposed to do with this gift.  Now I know.  Thank you David.  I love you.


P.S.  Lisa and Jackson say that living with me is like living on the Salmon Channel:  all Salmon, all the time.  Ooops.

One thought on “Welcome to my Salmon World….

  1. I am so proud of my father for embarking on this new media endeavor. I remember when when my dad, working for ODFW, would write reports by hand.

    This present was intended to be an outlet, a way to capture his thoughts: professional, personal and recreational. By embracing this New Media format and culture, my dad is sharing his experience and wisdom through articulate storytelling.

    My hope is that Jay’s new audience will enjoy this honesty, integrity, creativity and passion for Salmon.

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