North Umpqua Winter Steelhead

The North Umpqua is among a small number of gems valuable beyond price: a river, wild fish, history, and an International a reputation well earned.  Management of this river and it’s salmon and steelhead will be shaped by science and policy.

Pay attention.  Get involved in the discussion.  Try to understand the fish and the management options.  Keep a level head.  Speak from your heart and head.  Be part of the solution.  Think about the future of wild fish and fishing.  Think about people who are expert fly anglers.  Think about a grandma trying to take her grandchild fishing for the first time.  Try to look at the big picture.

Take a look at The North Umpqua Wild Steelhead Coalition –

Take a look at a Q/A that touches on some of the issues related to management of the North Umpqua –



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